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Think your home is safe? Think again. The air we're breathing for 90% of our lives at home is potentially harmful.

The Myth of Clean Water

Dr. Roy M. Speiser | Feb 26 2018 | Comments

With chronic illness on the rise, people are desperately trying to stem the onslaught, all the while drinking and bathing in the most damaging problem of all.

A recent study showed that short-term exposures to air pollution even at levels below the current national safety standards are putting senior citizens at higher risk of premature death.

With the different news about water contamination, more and more people are resorting to bottled water. But, doing so isn’t always the best choice for your health and the planet.

A huge mass of plastic garbage such as plastic cutlery and bottles, styrofoam packaging, and random bits of plastic has been found floating in and infiltrating the Caribbean sea.

More cities are discovering fluorochemicals in their groundwater. Read on to determine what’s in it for you and how it can put your health at risk.

The public’s exposure to arsenic, a naturally occurring chemical element linked to cancer and birth defects, declined after U.S.

Some products you bring home can bring harmful effects on the environment, our water supply, and our family’s health.

Unlike public water systems, water from private or household wells do not have experts regularly checking on them. If you’re part of the population sourcing their water from private wells, here’s how you can ensure your water’s safety.

Toxins in Drinking Water - Effective Solutions with Dr. Roy Speiser

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