Case Study- Uniontown, OH

A long time CWR customer called and noted that they were getting a chlorine smell from their filtered water that they had not experienced in over 6 years of using a CWR Double filter. After discussing the issue with Dr. Speiser, CWR’s water specialist, he reviewed their recent Water Quality Report. He concluded that the level of combined chlorine and other disinfection chemicals were high. Also, at times the chlorine chemical by-products, THMs, exceeded the Government Maximum Concentration Level (MCL) allowed.

Dr. Speiser recommended that the ceramic filter be upgraded to a high capacity Chloramine rated filter to be used with the second MetalGon filter that is also rated for chemicals, fluoride and heavy metals. The result was better reduction of the chlorine and by-products and improved taste.

At CWR, we monitor water quality reports for our clients to provide the most effective filtration solution, especially when water quality worsens.

Comment from Customer:
“ Thank you so much, Dr. Speiser, for your kindness in replacing our water filter. We received it Tuesday and my husband replaced it that evening. Our water tastes wonderful and healthy again! We are so appreciative that you took the time to listen to us and to correct the problem. Thank you again.”

A. Lloyd
Uniontown, OH

Dr. Roy M. Speiser, Scientist, Consumer Advocate and Water Quality Expert has 30+ years’ experience in water and air filtration solutions to protect your indoor environment.

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