Entek Home Filtration

Why choose Entek?

The Entek product line is the result of over 20 years of combined experience, research and development. When we began development of the Entek line of products the goal was to introduce products that utilized cutting edge technology and would maximize our customer’s Quality of Life in an environmental sensible manner. With our new line of water treatment products for the home and office, coupled with HEPA air filtration products, we have met our original goals.

What to do next?

Call CWR at at 800-444-3563 for a FREE consultation or fill out the Questionnaire below. 
Please fill out and submit the questionnaire and a water quality specialist will contact you with a filtration equipment solution to make your home water clean and safe. 

You can also browse the Whole House Filtration Systems and call at your convenience. If you would like to email us, email sales@cwrenviro.com 
Click Here for the Whole House Questionnaire. 

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