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Portable, Emergency Filters

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What will you do when the power shuts off?

In the event of an emergency situation where clean water is impossible to find and determines your survival and safety, CWR's Emergency Gravity Filters provide you with immediate clean and safe potable drinking water. CWR's Multi-Stage ceramic filters are so efficient at eliminating waterborne diseases caused by  parasites and bacteria such as cryptosporidium, giardia, and E-coli, that they are used world-wide.

CWR's New UltraGrav Gravity Filter Unit provides additional contaminant protection from chemicals such as chlorine, and heavy metals such as fluoride, arsenic, chromium, mercury and more. An additional advantage is that the UltraGrav ceramic filters will fit almost any housing including Doulton, Berkey, Aquacera, Katydyn, and AquaRain Gravity Filter Units. With the most effective gravity filter in the world, you and your family can be reassured that you will have clean, safe, potable drinking water.

Make certain you and your family are protected! Not sure which unit is best for you?

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