Water Test Kits

Why should I test my water?

There has been an alarming increase in the amount of contaminants in drinking water supplies, both in big cities and small towns. Each time we hear of another waterborne disease outbreak, we wonder whether the benefits of drinking water from your tap, outweigh the risks of consuming contaminants that are even more harmful to your health.

Over the past several years, there has been an increased findings of new contaminants including MTBE, Arsenic, Perchlorate and Trihalomethanes in drinking water supplies across the U.S. If your household water is sourced from municipal supplies, chances are it's loaded with chlorine and its by-products, pesticides, microorganisms and perhaps even pharmaceuticals. 

The problem of water contamination is now so widespread, even well water can not be considered safe. With every drop of water you consume or bathe in, you are exposed to numerous toxins that are associated with increased risk of cancer and many other diseases. Even the smallest concentrations of these chemicals, can cause permanent irreparable damage to your body. This is why CWR is committed to designing a filtration system that will improve you and your family's health and safety within your home.

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