Green Treat 1.5 cu. ft.Water Filtration System

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Availability: In stock


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Product Details


Have high quality clean water available from every tap in your house. Adding the optional scale control unit protects plumbing and prevents deposits of hardness on fixtures and glasses.  

The CWR custom blended multi-media filtration system for the whole house removes a wide range of chemicals, heavy metals and sediment plus more contaminants than any other system on the market. The multi-media filtration system contains special heavy metal removing media that has the highest rated catalytic carbon to remove or reduce chloramine, chlorine and by-products.

  • Provided with automated backwash control valve
  • Simple installation
  • Reduces chlorine, taste, odors, organic chemicals and some heavy metals.
  • Requires electricity ( Optional Anti-Scale Tank does not require electricity)

Product Specifications

Additional Information

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Product Detail


-Reduces chlorine, taste, odors and organic chemicals
-Automated clack valve for easy backwashing
-Reduces some heavy metals.
-Simple installation
-Optional Dual treatment for whole house filtration and scale control
Tank Dimensions:
- 10" diameter x 62" height (with clack valve included)
- 1.5 cu. ft Tank

Heres hot it works!
 Tank 1 uses 5 different filter materials. 
(Catalytic Carbon, Coconut Shell Carbon, Sediment removing media, Anti-bacterial media and Heavy Metal removing media)
Stage 1 & 2 reduces:
-Harmful chemicals- Chlorine, Chloramine and VOCs.
-Pesticides, Herbicides and Pharmaceuticals.
-Bad Taste and Odor
Stage 3 reduces:
-Sediment as small as 5 microns
Stage 4 reduces:
-Additional Chlorine and Heavy Metals.
-Inhibits bacterial growth 
Stage 5 reduces:
-Heavy Metals.

Optional Tank 2 for Hard Water: This tank is additional cost.
To prevent deposits of hard minerals, an additional water treatment process can be provided. The CWR Green Treat Anti-scale media tank prevents hard water scale formation. This treatment protects appliances such as dishwashers and prevents deposits of scale on pipes, fixtures and glasses. No salt is required or discharged into the environment. This unit also requires no electricity.
How the Green Treat Water® Anti-scale media works.
The underlying principle of the Green Treat Anti-scale media is based on the technology called seed crystallization. This process converts Calcium ions into millions of microscopic Calcium Carbonate "seed crystals". These minute crystals dramatically reduce the potential for scale formation because they are so small they travel with the flow and do not attach to surfaces.
The Green Treat Anti-scale media outperforms other materials because our media’s surface is coated with these crystalline substrates, allowing the media to attract more dissolved hardness ions, for greater efficiency.
  • 1.5 cu.ft. Tank with Optional Anti-Scale Tank
  • Automated clack valve
  • All fittings and accessories
  • Filter Media
  • Funnel
  • All Instructions

Optional upgrades:

  • Crown Water Filter at Sink
  • Larger Filtration Tnak

Please note that this product can not be purchased online. This is for viewing purposes only. If you are interested in this system or another Whole House system, please contact CWR at 800-444-3563 for a free consultation. You can also submit the online questionaire found here.