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The best way to ensure total home protection for your family is to install a "Point Of Entry" Whole House filtration system combined with a "Point Of Use" system at the sink. By filtering the water supply as it enters your home, you can get clean, safe water coming out of all your faucets, showers and bath tubs. All units are customized using different components depending on the specific level of protection desired, the quality of your water supply and the age and condition of your home's pipes. All whole house systems must be professionally installed by a licensed plumber. These systems are specialty systems. It is recommended that you contact CWR for a free consultation so we can evaluate your water quality report and determine the best system for you.

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Price shown is for 1.0 cu.ft. softening systems. This product is NOT available for purchase online. The prices shown are for quoting purposes only and pricing will vary based on custom configuration. Please call 800-444-3563 or fill out the Whole House Questionaire found here

Product Detail

Iron Zapper System: 

- Iron, hydrogen sulfide and maganese are referred to in the water treatment industry, as the troublesome trio. This is because they are difficult to remove from your water. Iron Zapper systems effectively treat the troublesome trio. The electronic control valve is programmed to introduce air into the filter's tank for increased oxidation. Next the Iron Zapper filter media acts as a catalyst to promote the oxidation so Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen sulfide become more filterable. Finally the oxidized particles are removed from the filter during the backwash cycle. 
-This system uses a patented media to effectively remove iron and sulfur from your water. Iron
-Chemical free
-No potassium permanganate
-No chemical pump
-Removes: Iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese
-Iron: 10 ppm
-Hydrogen sulfide: 8 ppm
-Maganese: 3 ppm
-Flow rate: 6 gpm
-pH range: 6-9
-CWR only uses USA made clack tanks and clack control valves.

Softener system:

- Removes: Iron up to 2ppm, and water hardness
- Provides soft wate
- Protects appliances
- No mineral deposits
- No soap build-up
- Brighter laundry
- Softer skin
- No bad "hair days"
- No plugged shower heads
- Uses 50-60% less salt and 57% less water per regeneration
-CWR only uses USA made clack tanks and clack control valves.

Radioactivity/ Radon and Uranium Removal Systems

- Please note: If you are concerned that you may have radioactive materials in your water, please contact CWR as soon as possible.  800-444-3563
- Uranium can enter the body when inhaled as radon gas which is a byporudct of uranium decay, or swallowed. When uranium gets inside the body it an lead to cancer and kidney damage. If uranium is detected in the source water, you need specialized equipment and filtering materials to remove it from the source water. Special uranium removing resins are effective for household use with low uranium concentrations and are often combined with other medias to effectively remove any other remaining contaminants in your water supply.
- If the water is hard, then the mineral hardness needs to be removed prior to the uranium removing tank. Please contact us for further information and how to remove uranium and radon from your water supply.
- Up  to 10 GPM
- Up to 95% reduction of Radon
- Please contact CWR for a custom consultation on Radioactivity/Radon/Uranium removal. This product is not available for purchase on the web. 

Arsenic Removal Systems:

- The Arsenic removal systems utilize a proprietary media designed speciically for removing Arsenic preferentialy over competing ions. The longevity factors to determine the lifespan of the meida bed is determined by key factors which must be determined prior to choosing the right system. Key factors include: Silica, pH, Phosphates, Sulfates, and Fluoride content.
- The addition of an oxidizing agent prior to the system may be neccesary to ensure the complete removal of all different forms of arsenic.
- No backwash, no regeneration, no chemicals. 
- Please contact CWR for a custom consultation on Arsenic removal. This product is not available for purchase on the web. 
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