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Why You Should Be Cautious of Your Drinking Water

Sherijan Ivan Dela Cruz | Feb 20 2019 | Comments

When you take a look at a glass of water, all you can see is an invaluable substance so necessary to survival.

In April of 2014, a city-wide advisory about public health and wellness has been released in Flint, Michigan after the city's health department has tested the waters of Flint River and was proven to contain astronomical levels of lead

Can You Stop Climate Change by Going Vegan?

Sherijan Ivan Dela Cruz | Feb 06 2019 | Comments

Yes, you can.

5 Truths About Eating Disorders

Sherijan Ivan Dela Cruz | Feb 06 2019 | Comments

Imagine yourself in a Thanksgiving Party, spending the holidays with your family and long-time friends. Sparing no expense, the host served the grandest menu of the year on the buffet table: Thermidor, guacamole, steak—all mouth-watering recipes brought in to seduce your appetite.

There are many ways to eating healthy nowadays with vegan recipes and meals. But, the truth is, most people don't know what and how to prepare these meals. Here are some tips to improve your Vegan diet:

Medical adherence and compliance explained in layman's terms is the taking of medication at the right time in the right way the right time of day with the right number of times. In today's society more and more people are out there not taking their prescribed medication properly.

Taking a shower means taking away all the dirt and germs in our bodies. However, according to researchers, your showerhead may be depositing you with some harmful bacteria instead which may lead to lung infections.

The Brooklyn Cafe

Anne Joyce Raymundo | Nov 14 2018 | Comments

Water can affect your coffee’s taste.

Sick Building Syndrome

Anne Joyce Raymundo | Nov 14 2018 | Comments

Sick Building Syndrome occurs when a property contains harmful airborne chemicals.

Fluoride exposure can affect children's cognitive development, according to a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives.

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