Stainless Steel Water Filters

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The Stainless Steel Water Filters synergistically combine advanced filtration technologies to achieve the safest drinking water available. Our Stainless Steel housings are made of medical grade stainless steel, making them perfect for individuals that suffer from MCS or any other chemical sensitivities, and are incredibly durable and long lasting. The Crown Stainless Steel housings are also 40% larger, allowing for a larger filter and a faster flow rate of water. 

CWR provides you with the most Advanced Filtration technologies on the market, utilizing Multi-stage Ceramic Micro-Filtration to effectively reduce contaminants in your drinking water. Combined with additional filters for heavy metals, VOC (Volatile Organic Chemicals), Nitrate, Sediment and Alkalizer filters, the CWR Stainless Steel Series Water Filters prove to be exemplary at removing toxic chemicals to provide you with a safer and healthier lifestyle.

Introducing the New Ultra-Ceramic Filter

CWR's new Ultra-Ceramic Filter is the most advanced ceramic filtration technology on the market today! The Ultra-Ceramic has an upgraded carbon block, which not only allows for added chemical reduction, but also now has the capability of removing Chloramine, THM's and HAA's from your drinking water. Typical carbon blocks and pour through pitchers can not remove these toxic contaminants!

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